Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Odds & Ends

I think things are going to dry out around here for the next few days. There is much that I need to do outside and I'd rather not do it knee deep in mud.
First on my list is to get caught up on the wash. I really need to get an inside clothes line put up. I don't have a dryer and we have had so much rain (not a complaint) these last weeks that it has been impossible to get clothes dry on the line outside.
I need to get another rabbit cage built which means laying yards of wire out on the ground. Having only built one, it takes me some time. I'd rather not do it in the rain and mud.
I have two 8x8 coops to get straightened up, new straw put down and fresh stuff in the nest boxes. 
The rabbit cages need cleaning and so do two smallish stalls in the little barn.
I have two roosters that need to be butchered as well as the last turkey. I'd like to, at least, get the roosters done today.
I sometimes think I'm the only one that has to play catch-up do to weather. My Grandmothers favorite saying "Make hay while the sun shines" rings in my head these days.

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