Friday, February 17, 2012

More Books

Added two new books to my book list. 

The Holistic Orchard and Mycelium Running. I've read the first chapter of each and both are very interesting!

I have two peach trees, two pear trees and one apple. I also have two pecan trees, which are too young to produce. All of the fruit trees have bad problems. The peach produce really well, loads of peaches but chock full of worms! Yuck! The pear produce very small fruit and not many of them. The apple has never given us a single fruit. My husband's boss keeps telling me if I want fruit I have to spray. I finally told him if that were my only option I'd just chop them down. The thing is he doesn’t get much fruit from his apple even with his spraying. So.. I'm putting all reading aside and concentrating on the Holistic Orchard. I imagine it's much too late to get any fruit this year but maybe next?

I have three more books that will be here tomorrow and that will be the end of book buying until I get caught up. That will prolly happen next winter!

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